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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  April 10, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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breakthrough in the race for the republican presidential nomination. the former pennsylvania senator rick santorum is bowing out. why? why didn't he mention mitt romney? we have answers. the winning mega millions lottery ticket in maryland has surfaced. my goodness, it wasn't in sweet swine pork rind hat. check your 401(k), stocks down for a 5 the -- 5th straight day. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." >> breaking news as we begin this afternoon. rick santorum is no longer in it for the long haul. rick santorum moments ago suspended the presidential
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campaign making it impossible for anyone to beat romney in a three-man race toward the republican nomination. this come as day after his three-year-old daughter, bella, left the hospital after contracting pneumonia, and she has a rare chromosome disorder, and the decision also comes after a growing list of high profile republicans called for him to drop out as it appears more unlikely the former pennsylvania senator could catch up to the substantial lead in the delegate count. rick santorum today said he will continue to "fight for conservative causes." >> i made the decision to get in this at the kitchen table against all the odds and we made a decision over the weekend that while this presidential race for us is over, for me, and we will suspend our campaign effective today, we are not done fighting. >>shepard: that is the end of the campaign that was a roller
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coaster. carl? >>carl: he says he will continue to fight against rebound and today he promised to help the house of representatives keep its house majority in congress and for the republicans to take over the senate. he did not specifically say he would campaign for romney but previously in discussions with the frontrunner and the other rivals, newt gingrich and ron paul they is said they would unite around the frontrunner and do all required to help unseated the dome. he was on the trail for more than 300 days, the longest time he campaigned in obscurity without the money or organization but he won the iowa caucuses and will get his chapter for proving if you get out early and often, and you take the time to talk to voters you can build a grass roots organization. presidential campaigns require national organization. and national fundraising. he never quite got that organized because when he started winning he caught the
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tiger by the tail and had to ride it and today the ride ended. the campaign is over but he has staked out a place in american conservative politics as a vote, as a voice of the very conservative tea party brand of republicanism that has taken hold not only this primary process but not course of the 2010. >>shepard: why today? why in this case? why no mention of the man who will clearly be the republican nominee. a former member of thation, -- member of the reagan administration and fox news contributor. we know over the weekend an ad came out that would run in the state of pennsylvania where his numbers were plummeting and that ad says pennsylvania didn't want him as a senator. he lost by double digits and they don't want him as a president. >>guest: very tough ad.
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you could not challenge the voracity of it and $3 million in advance buys. >>shepard: $3 million on that ad in the state of pennsylvania. >>guest: he could not match that. he does not have the money or organization. it is smart. he came the furthest other than romney, he did very well and emerges as the conservative man and a leader in the country. >>shepard: he could not broaden the base. >>guest: but that base is still very important and he did not wave the peace flag at romney by saying i will help republicans in the congress and the senate. they will come together by the time we get to tampa but right now this is about him and he has a sick child and he made the right decision. >>shepard: he was vol filed -- vilified on the left on extreme issues.
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>>guest: if anyone had an emofficial attachment to the voters it was him. romney has been the frontrunner from the beginning and people think he is the strongest but he did a heck of a job without big staff. good people. but not good staff. and no money. >>shepard: what the analysts said he wanted to stay in, until pennsylvania so he could, sort of, avenge the loss that was a lopsided loss in that state for the senate race and now with the numbers changing, and this knock out punch, is that what the video is? >>guest: the reality, the guy riding, two guys on a bicycle, and one guy has a car, and that is the gas, and that is the money, and you cannot beat the organization and advertising campaigns and he did not have that. >>shepard: he never mentioned romney's name. is there bad blood?
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>>guest: how could there not. a lot of name-calling by the romney people, and very vicious commercials toward him, and at the end of the day, it takes time for the wounds to heal. >>shepard: carl, how long could it take? does he begin campaigning for romney? >>carl: romney asks, rick santorum probably will, and he has 19 weeks and six days before the tampa convention, in order to appear on the campaign trail with romney so, there is no doubt that the republican field that started with up to a dozen candidates will all get behind the romney campaign. they have misgivings and lingering resentment but you will not see it publicly. the republican party has an opportunity to beat president obama but part of realizing the opportunity is their ability to unify. >>shepard: romney has been called a massachusetts moderate by those including the former fox news contributor and former speaker of the house, newt gingrich who is in the race. does the massachusetts moderate
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look for a conservative? could rick santorum fit the bill? >>guest: he would be qualified but he will not be the choice. someone that is compatible, be the choice and portman and others is been mentions. it is a hard marriage to make. >>shepard: she a name you have mentioned more than once in this context. >>guest: there is a comfort zone. it has to be comfort zone between romney and who he chooses. outstanding candidates are out there that governors and elsewhere but at the end of the day he will pick someone in his comfort level. >>shepard: you try to fill a gap where you have minuses put something in there like a positive and a negative charge. republicans and romney seem to have a woman problem, seem to have a latino problem. is there a woman? and could rubio look interesting? >>guest: rubio looks interesting and he would be a great choice whether they win this time or for the future, having someone like him on the
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national stage. i don't make the choices for romney. he has to have a comfort zone. because of the disaster of the last time we went through the process they will be very careful how they pick this time because the process will be weighted heavily. >>shepard: sarah palin was the disaster? >>guest: a great, great candidate for three or four weeks and drove the agenda, never seen a vice presidential candidate carry it but not prepared for the tough campaign that followed and the circumstances, can you not blame the loss on her but she wasn't as solid a candidate as others wanted. >>shepard: they talked in the republican part about long and extensive vetting process, something that we did not have with sarah palin. >>guest: because john mccain wanted lieberman which would be a disaster and sarah palin picked it up and ran with it but a lost second-guessing on how she wasn't vetted.
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>>shepard: what, carl? >>carl: ask me about what romney has going on because it is now formally beginning to get underway, the next couple of weeks they will appoint someone with the search committee and it will be extensive. not context of what you are talking about in trying to avoid mistakes of past selections for vice president the romney campaign does not talk about the process but they do say over and over and over again it will be an excruciating vetting process. no stone unturned. the candidates will go through a thorough research and presumably that will only fortify the process and make that short left go through a real serious, serious scrutiny. >>shepard: seconds ago newt gingrich announced he is staying in the race. >>guest: it doesn't matter. he is not running a campaign. he needs the base. he is touring zoos and going to
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the -- he wants to have the forum. as long as he has the attention he will stay there but he is not getting delegates and he has been fourth the last several weeks. he has big debt. he lost his opportunity. he had a chance after south carolina and had two of the worst debates and sat around for four days and did not get on the air and the got buried. the quote is "i want to give the nation until the convention, to give conservatives a real choice." it is his belief he is a "real choice." >>guest: he is deluding himselfs he is millions in debt, no organization, and if not for the billionaire in nevada who has been sponsoring the super pac there would not be a campaign. newt gingrich had a chance and he did not make it. >>shepard: if he got out the republicans would be able to unite around one candidate and have a big hug moment. >>guest: we need that, because the campaign, romney campaign
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now needs to put structure in place, in addition to the vetting process, and we have to start building some of the state organizations after raising tremendous we sum of money and we have to get in the race without worrying about the primaries. >>shepard: that is true. one of the most important things you can do, the most important state is florida and rubio is from florida and president obama recognizes that and is campaigning today, in florida. he is renewing a push to raise taxes on the richest americans and speaking in florida on the east coast a big school, a diverse population in that school, and, now, the president on the campaign trail on the day that santorum says he's out. >> the work that some of the churches did, did more good for people and their communities than any government program could. in those same communities i saw
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that no matter how well crafted an education policy or how well funded, can take the place of a parent's love and affection. and, i also believe that since government is funded by you it has an obligation to be efficient and effective which is why we have eliminated dozens of programs that were not working, announced hundreds of regulation reforms to save businesses and taxpayers billions, and we put annual domestic spending on a path to become the smallest share of our economy since eisenhower was in the white house. which is before i was born, much less you being been. i believe the free market is the greatest force for economic progress in human history. but here is the thing: i also
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agree with our first republican president. a guy from my home state, a guy with a beard, name abraham lincoln. and what abraham lincoln said was that through our government we should do together what we cannot do as well for ourselves. that's the definition of a smart government. and that's the reason why we have a strong military to keep us safe. because i suppose each of us could grab whatever is around the house and try to defend our country but we do better when we do it together. and we've got the best military in the history of the world with the greatest men and women in uniform. we pay for that.
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that's why we have public schools to edge indicate our children. if we didn't have public schools some families would do well. >>shepard: president obama in boca raton atlantic university and wendell is at the white house to cover the campaign part of this. what is the campaign doing today? >>reporter: well, this is a policy speech by the president and not a campaign speech but it is not lost on republicans that it is happening in the politically crucial state of florida and the issues, the buffett rule is a politically tainted issue. it is not lost on the white house and the obama campaign that the buffett rule is popular among middle-class americans who feel it is only fair for millionaires to be paying at least as high a tax rate as the middle-class is. the white house says 22,000 millionaire american families last year paid less than 15
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percent in income taxes, which is a little bit more than half of the personal of most middle-class and it is also not lost on the obama administration that one of those millionaire families that paid less than 15 percent income tax was the republican frontrunner, mitt romney. >>shepard: and now back to carl on this republican race. newt gingrich with the notice a short time ago, that he is staying in the race. is there pressure in the party establishment, if there is such a thing on him now? if so, why isn't it working? >>carl: because he does not march to the party drummer. having said that, he does not really tax the republican party that much. it is not like he is raising money he is running a debt and not getting a lot of attention because he acknowledged the last month he would not be able to win the nomination. the last throw weeks he has come almost to the point of saying i am doing this because i want for have input at the republican
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convention. while rick santorum had been concentrating on pennsylvania until the drop out a short time ago, romney is still collecting delegates and competing this pennsylvania which at the end of the month, and on the day of the pennsylvania primary, so will delaware and newt gingrich has been ignoring every other date to have a strong enough showing to give himself a high note with which to get out. he has said he will continue on to tampa which a candidate could do in a suspended situation and still appear and be a prominent republican and give a big speech. and affect the platform. newt gingrich who is running debt in excess of $4.5 million doesn't have the wherewithall to be competitive and to make noise if he is considered sort of irrelevancy so it could be more important to get heard and to stop continuing what by all accounts is a futile and impossible quest for the
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republican nomination. newt gingrich and rick santorum and mitt romney have communicated periodically during the campaign more than disclosed and they have kept in touch and tried to keep the unseating of obama as number one but there will still be nastiness to move forward and sort out the peace but the republican convention with the running mate is 20 weeks off and 2 1/2 months and election time. fast. >>shepard: now, a different campaign. rollins says he is facing a campaign with no money and organization and same for number three minus addelson, the money in las vegas. >>guest: the best campaign i saw was the last one that raised a lot of money and they spent more money than romney. it will come down to seven or
3:18 pm
eight states all of which all of which, obama won last time and we have to win the states. even if we win florida, even if we win north carolina, even if we win virginia and ohio, we get to 266, we sometime lose. so we have to win half of the seven or eight of the target states the president won last time and prove to conservatives he will carry the banner. he beat the conservatives back and he ran a real campaign. >>shepard: does he go back to the middle. >>guest: he has to grow wherever he is comfortable. >>shepard: here is clearly comfortable all over the place the he has had all the positions. >>guest: the critical thing is you have to be more than against obama but tell people why they do not like obama and he has not led the people and show people how you will lead the country. >>shepard: great stuff. >> breaking news now on fox
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news, the stock market is in the dumper again today. the dow and the s&p 500 head head for a 5th straight day of losses the longest losing streak of the year and a live look at the big board shows down 191 points after being down 200 moments ago, and gerri and the fox business team are following th, and she anchors the willis report that leads off prime time. what is driving this market down? >>gerri: broad base losses, generally, worries about earnings yesterday but the day started bad because europe lacked bad and the german index down 2.5 percent and that did not help us worries of the debt crisis and spain and worries, again, about earnings and that report for the first quarter today, with expectations that alcoa will have bad earnings. >>shepard: and sony numbers were bad, and a lot of things look bad. >>gerri: but one thing that looks good, which is surprising, apple stock.
3:20 pm
that stock hit a valve $600 billion for the first time and the only company that has done that is microsoft and the stock hit a hive $644. but the question is can it go higher. it came down a little bit but it is a big benchmark. big discussion, is that stock still a buy? >> europe is the focus? >>gerri: a bad case of the jitters in europe and affecting us here. >>shepard: with italy a fewer weeks ago and now it is spain. >>gerri: each day it is a new country and spain is like the 10th biggest committee in the euro zone and very important to the region's prosperity and lots of worries. >>shepard: close to 25 percent overall unemployment and youthen employment, youth unemployment above 40 percent. >>gerri: not sustainable. >>shepard: good of you, thank you. a winner in maryland in the mega millions jackpot, actually, three winners and they are not, sadly, the lady of sweet swine
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pork rind hat fame. and north korean leaders plan to test rocket today, a risky rocket test. [ male announcer ] if you think tylenol
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>>shepard: rick santorum is out of the race. he was about to face an enormous $3.1 million ad buy in the state of person and what it said was, pennsylvania didn't want you as our senator and pennsylvania does not want you as our president. the polls suggested at least some of them, they were trending in the wrong direction.
3:25 pm
he did not have a path to the white house. he said they made the decision around the dinner table but the campaign manager has been saying last night either way it is a blur with all that has been going on with a sick three-year-old daughter. but out of money and without a ground game rick santorum is out. and newt gingrich had in money and no ground game, who has debt and building up more and announceed he is in it for the long haul to give conservative as voice. there you go. mystery finally solved. the winner of the maryland mega millions jackpot is not the wearer of the sweet swine pork rind hat. boo. we wanted it to be true. of course this mcdonald's staffer claimed to be one of the three winners of the $656 million jackpot and said she could not fine the tack debt but she admitted she did not check her pants. don't bother, hat lady, for the ticket is not there. and she now says that she never told us she won.
3:26 pm
lottery officials announce three people did win a share of the record-breaking jackpot and do not work at the golden arches. jonathan hunt of sweet swine pork rind hat fame is with us. who are the real winners in the state of maryland? >>jonathan: the real winners are three people from the public school system in the state of maryland which is night. a woman in her 20's, a woman in her 50's and a man in his 40's, special ed teacher, elementary schoolteacher, and a school administrator and maryland lottery officials seem very proud of them. >> they were modest. they were humbled by this stroke luck they is received. it is at time, overwhelming. i would also say that we certainly fad that when people play the lottery they want to win. you want to win. however, if it can't be you these are precisely the people
3:27 pm
you would want to see win the lottery. >> no, they are not. these are. >>jonathan: i would like to be. they all say they are going to continue working in the public school system but they have some plans. one wants to tour italy and another wants did buy a new home and one smartly wants to save up for the kids' college education. good people. >>shepard: party rockin' in the house tonight. i am curious about our favorite, lady of sweet swine pork rind sweet swine pork rind fame. >>jonathan: i got sweet swine pork rind, hat lady on the phone, she and a friend in the house were screaming down the phone, what i managed to make out when i asked, why did you say you had the winning tick, and she said, i did not. so i asked, you never said you had the winning ticket and she said "i never said that." so, i said, why did you hire an attorney? she said "people were suing me."
3:28 pm
i said, weren't they suing you because you said you had the winning ticket? she said, i never said that. and so it went on, but i know everyone is looking for a silver lining in this story and that is: i have a hat. >>shepard: and it matches your tie. the new pocket square. >>jonathan: this is the head of the wardrobe department head's idea. >>shepard: there should be a song. >>jonathan: i will make it up in rap form. i will do it under my rap name which is "flavor boom." it goes with a hand gesture. no one is more street smart than me. >>shepard: the criminal defense attorney and fox news senior judicial analyst.
3:29 pm
and public relations expert. why we have lawyers here is beyond me. i understand why we. a p.r. guy here, part of this is great p.r. for the mega millions. >>guest: glorious happy winning for the winners, hard working public school employees, and they will pay their bills. the maryland lottery winds up terribly and the gay who heard you and jonathan on "studio b" talking about the sweet swine pork rind hat, he bought the website, he made a killing selling the sweet swine pork rind hats and the only ones who did not end happy were sweet swine pork rind lady and her lawyer. for them, this was a bittersweet swine story. >>shepard: but jonathan fell in love with a man for the first
3:30 pm
time ever. >>jonathan: the lawyer, edward smith jr. who said it was our fault we put her in the "hot of public attention," and because we put her in that hot doesn't meet she has to boil. love him. he is my attorney with all due respect to all of these people. >>shepard: we need new legal counsel. >>judge napolitano: the law in maryland does not prohibit you from lying to the government until after you have been arrested. so, she could have said from the confines of her lawyer's office, i won and they could have begun the machinery to prepare for the winnings but if she does not say it under oath or in write asking she was not in government custody, she cannot be prosecuted for that. >>shepard: drew? >>guest: i feel bad for the attorney. i'm sorry, when you have a business model, what did he get? a quarter cheeseburger? one thing she is working at mcdonald's but she lies about
3:31 pm
winning the lottery. what was in it for this dudest >>shepard: i don't get it from the going, why she would make up such a thing unless she wanted a day of fame. i never understood it from the very beginning. >> obviously she was trying to get everyone to think she won the lottery and the lawyer obviously jumped on thinking i will get a percentage. why else would the dude get into it? >>shepard: in include. thank you. we will be back. all right, let's decide what to do about medicare and social security... security. that's what matters to me...
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3:36 pm
gave us that air under our wings that allowed us to accomplish things that no political pert would have ever expected. there is a lot of greatness, a lot of greatness in this country and we just need leader whose believe if that. >>shepard: rick santorum is out and now his press secretary joins us. nice to talk to you. >>guest: thank you for having me on. >>shepard: no endorsement of romney. why? >>guest: well, things are moving at a record pace today as you can imagine and that decision was made over the weekend and right now first things first. as you know they wanted to get their daughter home and make sure she was safe and sound and this announcement, this afternoon, but there are lands for he and governor romney to have a conversation. >>shepard: it is my understanding they have had a conversation. will he endorse romney in the next few days? weeks? months? >>guest: he made it clear when the time came he would certainly support and stand behind the
3:37 pm
republican nominee and i am sure that will be whether it is days or weeks he will stand behind it. >>shepard: what does he want? >>guest: he wanted certainly to defeat president obama. >>shepard: does he want a place at the convention? part of the platform? there is a give and a take if this process. every cycle harassment is no secret. what is his take? >>guest: this is not about him or about rick santorum but about the big bigger picture. >>shepard: then heel be the first politician in the history of the united states of america if it is not about him. >>guest: it is truly not about his personal gain but as he pointed out repeatedly, this is about restoring freedom, outlining conservative message that ultimately to defeat president obama. and he will rally behind whoever is the nominee and do what he can to unite conservatives. he has done a tremendous job against all odds as you know and pointed out on your show today
3:38 pm
and we are greatly and appreciative. he has a tremendous recognize and he wants to continue with the worse he has done. the work is far from over. he will unite conservatives and do what must be do, which beating rebound and the big government policies we have going on in the, certainly first, repealing obamacare which is on a lot of people's minds. that is what we have heard on the campaign trail and rick will make sure that is done. >>shepard: analysts have been telling us the past weeks that rick santorum wanted to avenge what happened to him in pennsylvania when he lost if a a landslide for senator but now the polls were trending in the wrong direction for him and he is facing $3.million in ad buys from romney. given that sort of knock out punch was coming, is there a lot of bad blood there? >>guest: certainly not.
3:39 pm
a lost factors went into the decision today. personal decision as you can imagine with his daughter's health. and his first is family and faith. and he will focus on the family now. the delegate mass, we outlined how it layed in our favor but we looked at the obstacles that stood in the way of receiving the 1,14 required number of delegates and that was a factor but going against the tide and the overwhelming number of ads romney was going to have in pennsylvania and that is difficult to fight that money machine and all of these factors were part of rick's decision but ultimately as he said eloquently this afternoon, this is the beginning of a long fight that must be done starting with unifying conservatives in an
3:40 pm
tonight defeat president obama. >>shepard: what are you going to do now? >>guest: maybe there is a job at the sweet swine pork rind and i can do something. >>shepard: it does not exist at this moment but i guess by the time the day is over it will. alice, good of you. thank you. the mess in syria is really out of hand. should we do this now or a commercial break? so the slaughter in syria was scheduled to stop today. instead there are reports of continued violence and it is escalating including the execution of dozens of men, women, and children
3:41 pm
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>>shepard: we are watching the dow on an enormous slide, with a number of reasons for this. a pull back across all of the sectors but the main concern frankly is europe. europe seems to have a different concern each day. today it is called "spain," and as we mentioned the unemployment rate is above 20 percent, around 24 percent and youth unemployment rate above 40 percent. they have serious, serious money problems. the 109 largest economy in europe. whether anyone can do anything remains to be seen. but the dow is off as a result of that news and others 1.5 percent on the dow and the same for the s&p. we will keep you updated. neil cavuto will bring you context at top of the hour. no peace in syria and no sign of peace. very little hope of peace. on a day that world leaders are calling for peace.
3:45 pm
there was supposed to an cease-fire today. today there are new reports of horrendous government-sponsored murders including the execution of kids and women. the main opposition reports syrian troops killed 1,000 people in eight days. their own military is murdering its own people. wrap your head around that. according to a new report from human rights watch, and this is well developed, and well researched, syrian forces have executed at least 100 people since 2010, people who are trying to escape, shooting or stabbing others in their homes, or executing detained residents during house searches the we cannot confirm that. so, why isn't the world, somebody, stepping in to stop it? we turn to the pulitzer prize winning journalist and fox news contributor judith miller. there are a number of different
3:46 pm
answers but there is a good one discussed today. why isn't someone stop this? why? >>guest: in washington, the united states was grappling with a policy that is an alternative to this policy, and we are at a moment of truth, our representative of the u.n., but the fact of the matter is, there doesn't seem to be a plan (b) other than hoping that kofi annan's plan goes into effect april 12th, to more days, the second time we have postponed. the problem is every american official will tell you syria is not libya. syria has women -- chemical weapons around the country and we are not sure what would happen if the government collapses. it is a complicated country and
3:47 pm
it could rapidly evolve into a civil war. it is already a civil war. the administration is just trying to put off the day when it has to do something more. >>shepard: that is because the chemical weapons could get into anyone's hands? al qaeda is the throw away name for everything but it could end up in the hands of the free syrian army group and they could use it on the regime that is murdering the people. if they were murdering my family or neighbors i would consider picking up the chemicals and tosses them in their face. >> but there is an interesting session this morning on the free syrian army and it said this is kind of the best hope for syria at the moment, these are about 15,000 defectors from the 600,000-man syrian army who said we will not kill our people. they are huddled own on the border with turkey and sent people to the cities and they are fighting with whatever they
3:48 pm
have, which is very little. because we are not amending them. the saudis have talked about arming them but they are not providing a lot of weapons, either. so, they are just doing the best they can with what they have but we they are being slaughtered and john mccain and senator lieberman who are visiting the free syrian army right now issue add statement today saying we must do more. we must supply weapons to the people. we must give them a fighting chance. >>shepard: but what is happening, that is a policemen matter and that's one side of this argument versus another. and it is not for us to take sides on such a thing but you were telling me at break about all the people would were fleeing the nation. >>guest: that was contained in the letter of kofi annan read by his deputy at the united nations between december and march 100 people 10 day were going into turkey, today, in the last nine days, that figured is up to 700 a day.
3:49 pm
so, you are really having a situation where people are fleeing for their lives, only they are fleeing into an unsafe situation because the syrian forces have now started firing on the refugee camps in the turkish border and that is the reason that everyone is concern about escalation. when you get that the turks will not take it. >> and the civil war which we do not want to call a civil war becomes a war-war and we are in trouble. state of secretary hillary clinton is speaking regarding the situation in north korea saying the united states will pursue "appropriate action," if north korea goes ahead with planned rocket launch and it seems all systems go. and asian company released this animation of the long-range will rocket and officials say the rocket launch will take place teen thursday and monday of next week, and insisting they are using it for peaceful purposes
3:50 pm
only but u.s. officials and others around the world say this could very well be a cough for testing missile technology that could ultimately be used to send a missile to the united states or elsewhere and a planned launch is as the south korean intelligence experts say the north is preparing for a third nuclear test they have evidence they are digging tunnels where the military carried out tests in the years 2006 and 2009 and to add insult to all of this injury, today we learned that 150,000 political prisoners are in gulag style prison camps for saying things against the nation of north korea or gathering inappropriately. google it. it is horrifying. the miami marlins manager, was the florida marlins, have you heard about him and castro?
3:51 pm
sos went to bank of america. they met with the branch manager and they said, "look, we've got this little hot dog cart, and it's on a really good corner. let's see if we can buy the property." and the branch manager said, "all right, i will take a chance with the two of you." and we've been loyal to bank of america for the last 71 years.
3:52 pm
3:53 pm
3:54 pm
>>shepard: the florida marlins manager facing a five game suspense after he expressed admiration for the former cuban president castro, the dictator, saying he loved cass -- castro. i love him. a lot people have wanted to kill him but that [blank] is still there. he apologized and said it did not come out right. >> what i mean in spanish, when i was asked, i was talking in spanish saying i could not believe someone heard so many people over the years ... still ... still alive. >>shepard: that is not what he said. he went on to say he felt he
3:55 pm
betrayed the latin community and his cuban friends. it is unclear if that will calm the public backlash but you can doubt it. history says it won't. back to the panel this afternoon. this is one walking, talking, disaster. >> he is the charles barkley of baseball. he had a history of this in chicago. where he was the favorite son because he managed the white sox and played for the white sox and he dropped the "f" bomb and they gave him a free pass. in miami, castro is the third rail of miami politics and society and the owner of the marlins brought him back, took him to the woodshed with the press conference. >>shepard: they brought him from the road. he was in philadelphia. they said you get back here and you are suspended and he will do two things. win. and shut up. in that order. >>shepard: judge? >>judge napolitano: he can do that.
3:56 pm
someone could say what about freedom of speech? the government does not regulate your boss from punishing you for saying things that harm the product. and he made a decision that what ozzie said about castro will harm the popularity of the team with the base in miami and he can take what actions are reasonable. and he did. >>shepard: drew? >>guest: well, the community in family cannot forget in 2010 ozzie with a limited education coming here at 17 to play baseball condemned the arizona immigration law talking about the illegal mostly mexicans that were the workforce of america and, also, remember, in 2011 he condemned major league baseball for lack of educating latin america players on the use of steroids. >>shepard: thank you, "your world," where neil cavuto next.
3:57 pm
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